eCommerce Store Development

Helping you create an online presence for your business

Shopify Store Design and Development

From start to finish, our team provides the tools you need to succeed in a competitive market.

Responsive Design

With the times changing to a “mobile-first” browsing experience, we realize creating a responsive design is essential to allow your customers to browse your website on their desired devices.

Site Optimization

We take the time to understand your customer base. Our focus is on optimizing your site for conversions or leads to ensure that you are growing as a business by getting the results that you’re seeking.


No matter how great your site is designed, potential customers need to know about it. That is where our marketing team uses their proven marketing strategy to bring your ideal customer to your store.

Graphic Design

Our design team creates graphics tailored to your store. We do this to create originality and to let visitors know that was designed with their interests in mind.

Email Template Design

Email marketing is still a very sustainable option to attract customers to your store or to provide existing customers with an update. Our team will create email templates specific to your upcoming promotions.

Logo Development

The symbol that represents your brand. Our team realizes how important a memorable logo is when building a brand, that is why we take the process seriously.

SSL Certificate

Ever wonder what that little lock is next to the URL in your browser bar? That is an active SSL certificate, this allows your customer a secure browsing experience against potential threats. 

Content Creation

Ever heard the expression “content is king?” This is very accurate and it isn’t changing anytime soon. We pride ourselves on creating original content specific to your brand or to your products that you’re offering.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is vital to ensure that you’re prepared from start to finish when launching your eCommerce store. With over 300 stores under our belt, we know what it takes to be ready when that day comes to open your doors.

Looking to get started on your own?

We never want to hold you up from starting your own business. We have partnered with Shopify to offer you a free trial to understand if the platform is right for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.